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carma Poodale

I love this! I would like to add a couple of things for your readers to consider. When dogs are in their kennels they may have a totally different attitude. If one catches your eye, please ask the staff to bring them out of the kennel. You may find that growling dog is now a kissy wiggle butt that acts like the happiest dog in the world. Sometimes those kennels are all they have and they feel they have to protect them.
Most shelters (not all) will include the spay/neuter price in the adoption price.
Shelters really do rely on donations. Even donations of old blankets, towels,used dog or cat supplies can be put toward good use. Did your dog out grow their collar but its still in great shape? I know a shelter dog would love to wear it.


Carma, thank you for commenting -- you are the expert and I appreciate your letting readers know how being in a kennel can impact a dog's personality.

I hadn't even thought of items like dog collars! Great advice!


I like the bit at the end about how you can give back to the shelter. A lot of people probably think their job there is done once they've adopted. Nice that you've planted the seed into their head.

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